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October 2014
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Vehicle Profile: 2015 Volkswagen Golf
Behind the subtly restyled exterior is an all-new 2015 Volkswagen Golf

Photo: 2015 Volkswagen Golf
The all-new 2015 Volkswagen Golf, now available here at Keffer Volkswagen in Huntersville, North Carolina, continues to stay ahead of the pack. The platform on which it’s built is new, and its body is similar but sloped in the front for better aerodynamics and enlarged overall to provide added passenger and cargo space. The interior features a more driver-centric center console and a standard 5.8-inch touch-screen infotainment system, and the powertrains deliver greater power and efficiency.

Vehicle Profile: 2015 Volkswagen CC
The style of a coupe, the functionality of a sedan, the quality of a Volkswagen

Photo: 2015 Volkswagen CC
The 2015 Volkswagen CC four-door coupe, on sale here at Keffer Volkswagen in Huntersville, North Carolina, blends the best of two worlds, offering the attractive and sporty sloped roofline of a coupe with the convenience and practicality of a five-passenger sedan. It’s what the editors of called “definitive proof that style and the midsize sedan aren't mutually exclusive. Indeed, the CC isn't just good-looking for this segment; it's a good-looking automobile, period.” For 2015, the CC has mild updates, including new 18-inch alloy wheel designs.

How to Choose Your Doctor
What to consider when selecting your partner in health

Choosing a healthcare provider is a big decision. Your relationship with your doctor — whether a primary care physician or specialist such as an oncologist or rheumatologist — is dependent upon your well-being. In other words, the right person can make all the difference in how you handle your health. After all, your doctor is who you trust to care for your health, help you make important health-related decisions, and take advice from, so choosing the right one is not something to take lightly.

Family-Friendly Movies to See This Winter
Prepared to be excited for the winter season of movies

When the fall slowly starts fading into the early winter months, temperatures drop and outdoor activities with the family become less appealing. The one family event that’s fun no matter what time of year it is (but especially when it’s chilly) is going to the movies. And it just so happens that a slew of entertaining family-friendly flicks are set to hit theaters right before we hit the New Year. So grab some popcorn and take a seat, you and your family are in for a treat!

Fairs and Craft Festivals in North and South Carolina
The Carolinas offer an array of opportunities for arts and craft lovers

North and South Carolina may just offer the most unique celebrations of arts and crafts in the country. Nearly every week there are events happening that showcase the talents of artisans. Below are just five of them occurring this month.

Tech Tips: Interior Maintenance
Keep the inside of your vehicle looking like new

Photo: Tech Tips: Interior Maintenance
With the temperature starting to decline, you may keep your vehicle windows shut more often and even get the heater blowing. It’s time for an end-of-season clean-up, to remove the dust, dirt and debris of a busy summer and prevent damage to your vehicle’s interior. Plus, a neat and orderly cabin just looks, and feels, better.

Volkswagen Announces Engineering Specialist Training Program
Volkswagen celebrates second graduating class for its Automation Mechatronics Program and announces new program

Photo: Volkswagen Announces Engineering Specialist Training Program
Volkswagen recently celebrated the second class to graduate from the three-year Automation Mechatronics Program (AMP), which is part of the Volkswagen Academy. This graduating class was honored in a ceremony last August.

Five Best Haunted Houses Around the Country
Even the mere descriptions of these haunted houses might scare you

Thrill-seekers unite! Halloween is upon us, the one day a year that’s filled with all things spooky, from ghosts to goblins and everything in between. On this holiday, while some enjoy a low-key evening of trick-or-treating with the kids or watching reruns of “Hocus Pocus” or “Halloweentown.” Others take pleasure in getting the pants scared off of them and rejoice in the eeriness that are haunted attractions

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